* Pictures from Singing at the VA, Christmas 2014
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    For 40+ years, people have come to the Palo Alto VA Health Care System on Christmas morning to sing for veterans spending their Christmas in the hospital, often away from family and friends.  This is a magical time, where people of all ages band to gether to bring holiday cheer to those who have fought to maintain our country's freedom.

    In 2014, 139 people gathered, enjoyed beverages and goodies, practiced the carols, then visited hundreds of veterans in their wards. This page has the pictures and videos from 2014.

    Please let me know if you have posted other videos and I'll include them on this page.


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    Here are some of the experiences of the carolers. More stories welcome!

    In the Hospice unit, a few of us singers had gone into the room of an elderly man (I think he was about 85), who could not speak but wrote on a slate. Someone asked him what branch of the service he had been in, and he wrote Navy. So I started up Anchors Aweigh, and we several singers sang it lustily (even though a Christmas song was going on outside--). I think he liked it. -- Nancy

    The Schmit family really enjoyed getting to sing and greet our veterans. We were especially touched by Jim and Ester, just two of the veterans we were able to greet in person.

    One of the singers saw a vet sitting in the corner at one of our stops. When we sang "Thank-You for Your Service," tears welled up in his eyes. It was obvious that our gratitude touched him.