Story and Pictures from Singing at the VA, Christmas 2019
Sharing our abundance in gratitude.

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Bright Lights

"Be the change you wish to see."
Mahatma Gandhi

Everyone" who came as our audience, truly enjoyed our music and efforts.
For some of them it was very profound and meaningful ... that pure strangers
would show up to be with them, on a very special day that would otherwise be
a very lonely holiday for them. It made them feel much love and happiness that
their lives matter to others.

That was my take-away from this event, as it is every year. A lot more guys
expressed those very feelings to me. They were grateful that such an event was
able them open up about their feelings, and to give them something to rejoice about.
Many of these young men have no one in their lives to share with. A number of them
have hurt themselves with drugs and alcohol, as a coping mechanism dealing with their
life and difficult experiences.

We surely did bring them joy. And, I see how important it is to spend time with each
one, to talk with them, be with them one-on-one. Their smiles were heartfelt, from ear to ear.

2019 Pictures