Christmas Day Caroling 2019

Palo Alto V.A. Hospital

Christmas Day, 8:30am
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For over 40 years, people have come to the Palo Alto VA Health Care System on Christmas morning to sing for veterans spending their Christmas in the hospital, often away from family and friends.  This is a magical time, where people of all ages band together to bring holiday cheer to those who have fought to maintain our country's freedom.

We gather, enjoy beverages and goodies, practice the carols, and visit hundreds of veterans in their wards. As volunteers pass out gifts the VA supplies from local businesses and community groups, the carolers sing the songs of the season. To see pictures and videos from past years here.

We need lots of people who love to sing and bring joy to our veterans on Christmas Day.   We need musical instruments of all kinds -- accordions, guitars, brass, woodwinds, strings -- to help with the caroling.  We need people movers; welcomers(pass out nametags); a small group of sensitive, quiet singers for the more fragile veterans; and room visitors (people who don't sing but visit the vets in their rooms). If you have any of these talents, please let us know on when you sign up.

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We currently have 92 adults and 17 children signed up out of 120 available slots.

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